Visit the Store Tab and click on the CONNECT NEW STORE button. Choose EBAY and click on INSTALL NOW.

You will be redirected to the eBay website. Log in with your credentials and accept the terms and conditions of the integration.

Remember your must have already an active store on eBay to make a successful connection.

Great, now that the connection is ready! Now you can start selling your products.

Notice that, due to eBay’s strict policy on dropshipping, before listing an item on eBay, all users are required to have a little stock of the same item in our warehouse in Shenzhen. You don’t need to buy huge amounts of items, even 5 or 10 pieces are enough. 

This means that you need to ask for a stock quotation, buy the products and wait for them to be uploaded on our Virtual Warehouse before importing a product on your eBay store.

So next step is asking for a product quotation.