After signing up as an Affiliate, you will see this dashboard. To learn how to register for Yakkyofy Affiliate Program click here.

On top, you will find your referral link: each customer that registers on Yakkyofy from that link will be one of your referral users.

On the bottom of the page, you can see a list of people invited by you and their progress. 

As soon as one of your customers spends at least $200 on Yakkyofy, you will earn a $50 reward. They can spend this amount, by purchasing wholesale products, dropshipping products or both. When speaking about dropshipping, the Affiliate Program will sum the revenue generated by product and shipping together.

Notice that your reward will be uploaded on your eWallet one month after the $200 goal is reached. The reason for this delay is that some of the orders could be canceled or refunded, and so, these orders will not be calculated in the total amount spent by your referral customer.

Once you receive your reward on your eWallet and you can start using it. If you are not interested in spending this money using the Yakkyofy eWallet, you can also request, once per month, to receive your reward on your Paypal account.