With Yakkyofy you can easily dropship products with Private Label. To do that you have to order a small stock of products, on which we can print your logo and that we keep in our Warehouse in Shenzhen ready to be shipped as soon as an order arrives on your store.

To order this little stock of private label products, you can select one of the products on our catalog and click the “Wholesale” button, or if the item is not in the catalog, you can visit your Quotations>Wholesale Tab and click the “New Request” button.

NB: please remember that if the product already exists on our system is always better to use the Wholesale button inside the product page, in this way your request will be faster.

If you use the New Request Button, under Quotations> Wholesale Tab you will see this.

Here you can insert an Aliexpress or Alibaba URL to send us all the characteristics of the products you are looking for.

Then select the variants you want to buy and the number of pieces for a single variant.

When you are done, click the Next button.

On this page you need to choose where you want to ship your private label product.

  • Shenzhen to ship them to our Warehouse and use them for dropshipping.

  • Custom address to ship them in bulk outside China.

In your case, you need to choose Shenzhen as destination. 

Then in the personalization option, write where you want to print your logo and upload the image in PDF or AI. 

After a maximum of 7 days, you will receive a quotation. When the quotation is ready you will receive a notification on your email. 

At this point, you need to go back to the Quotation>Wholesale tab, click on the name of the item, choose Shenzhen as a destination, and pay your order with Paypal, Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

Once you paid, your product will be ordered to the supplier and when they will arrive in our warehouse, they will be updated on your Virtual Warehouse, ready to be sold on your store.