After connecting your Yakkyofy dashboard to your Store.


You can start to import a product from our catalog on your store. If you don’t find the product that you need you can request a quotation with our Chrome Extension. To know how to do it click here LINK


To import products from Yakkyofy to your Store. You have two options:

-       you can click on the purple symbol for a fast import

-       you can click on show details


Inside Show you can modify:

●     the title of the item

●     the description

On the right you can find the field “Shipping Price” and “Shipping Range”

Under “Shipping Price”, you can review the shipping method, the price and the timing available for each country. For example, if you choose Austria, you will find all the shipping methods and the prices for this specific country.


Under “Shipping Range”, you can underline all the countries where you want to ship your products and we will give you as output the maximum and minimum costs for product purchase plus shipping.
For example, if I click on Austria, Australia and Belgium the system will show me this tab.
Here you can see the maximum and the minimum possible costs that I could pay when selling in these 3 countries. This is only a tool created for showing a price range and for helping our customers to better plan their marketing strategy.



In “Product Image” area, you can choose the pictures that you want to show to your customers


In the “Variants” area you can choose the variant that you want to show:

-       for example: the color of the item

-       the price (on this case, you can choose a fix markup or a customized price)

-       You can choose to add a compare at price, to show that your price is lower than the original one, that you have to indicate in this field.


After having chosen all these details, click on “import and publish” if you want to start selling the product, “import” if you want to import it on draft. Then choose on which store you want to publish your item and it is done.


After publishing the product, you will find your items in the section “Product” of your store.