On Yakkyofy, you can import products to your store from our catalog, or you can ask for the quotations of a product using our Chrome Extension. How to use this extension?


After Signing up on Yakkyofy.com, you will see your User Dashboard.



If you click on the Button “Download the Chrome Extension” you will be sent to the page to download the app like this one



Remember you have to use Chrome as your browser, using other browsers, the extension will not be working.

After installing the Chrome extension, click on the icon and login with the same credential that you use on Yakkyofy.com



Now you can choose where you want to search your products, you can scrape items from Alibaba, Aliexpress, Wish, Gearbest, Banggood.

Visit one of these websites and click on the product page, then click on the icon of our Chrome Extension and click on the import button.



For quick process, you can also go on the category page and click on the Yakkyofy symbol just like in the picture.



You can send 30 product requests per month, so be wise on your choices.

After importing the products, you will find them on the page requests on your User Dashboard on Yakkyofy.



Now, you have to wait 3 working days to receive our quotations, that will be from 15% to 50% lower than the price on the Chinese E-commerce platforms.

When your quotation is ready, you will receive an email.

At this point, go to your User Dashboard, Request page and click on, “Action” and then on “See on Catalogue” to see your quotation.

If everything is fine for you, click on the button “import & publish”  to import your product in your Store and start selling.