Yakkyofy will upload all you tracking numbers inside the Order Tab in your Yakkyofy Dashboard and also inside your Shopify Store. 

At the same time two email will be sent automatically by Yakkyofy:

The first, will be a notification for you, that will look like this one.

The second, will be an email for your customer, with all the info about how to track the shipment. This email will be sent with your logo and your address so that your customer will not know that is from Yakkyofy. 

Yakkyofy will also upload your tracking number in you Shopify order page, but only if the order is not “ARCHIVED”.

If the order has already been archived, you can upload your tracking number manually by clicking on the  “Add Tracking” button.

Insert in the Tracking Number Field,  the tracking number that you found in your Yakkyofy App. 

To complete the Tracking URL field, you have to go to https://www.17track.net and insert your tracking number, then copy the link that come out. Like the Yellow one that you see in the following picture.

Then choose “Other” as carrier and Save.

Easy right?