If you want to add a bundle variant or a variant to one of your Yakkyofy’s products, first, you have to ask for a quotation in our Chat. 

Our Customer Service will upload the new variant for you and than will update you with a message on Messenger.

At this point you have two possibilities:

  1. You can cancel the product page on your Shopify store and re-import the product another time. In this way, you will automatically import the new variant, but you will change the URL of your product page.

  2. If you already have a lot of visits on your product page and you don’t want to change the URL, you can import the SKU manually. In the following paragraph, I will explain to you how to do it:

When you have the new variant in your Yakkyofy’s dashboard and you want to manually upload the change on the product page of your Shopify store, you have to follow these instructions.

First visit your product page inside the Yakkyofy Dashboard and copy the sku of the new Variant.

Then visit the product page of the same product in your Shopify store and click on “Add a variant”.

Insert the right name of the variant and the SKU that you took from the Yakkyofy Dashboard.

Then click on “Save”.