The Virtual Warehouse Tab is an inventory online, that allows you to keep track of all the products that you bought with Yakkyofy and that you keep in our warehouse in Shenzhen.

It’s simple. When you buy products in stock using Yakkyofy, we will upload your items on the inventory section in your Virtual Warehouse.

In this tab, you can keep an eye on all your stocks and the remaining inventory items. 

In the Low Stock Limits Column, you will see a pen, clicking that button you can choose the minimum amount for a specific item you want to keep track on, when the minimum amount is reached, you will receive a notification alerting you that your product is going out of stock.

Each time that a new order arrives from your store for one of the SKU present in your Virtual Warehouse, the system will automatically deduct the sold items from your inventory and all the movement registered under the Movement Section.