In the Settings tab, you can see the Price Logic Space, where you can set up the margin that you want automatically added to the Yakkyofy price when publishing on your store.

Under “Shipping Plan” you can choose if ship with

  • the Default Logic

  • the Premium Special Line Logic 

The Default Logic means that your orders will be always shipped with the faster shipping method available for that country.

The  Line Logic means that when an order has to be sent in US, UK, France, Germany and Italy it will be sent with Premium Special Line a shipping method faster but more expensive, it can deliver a package in 3-8 days.

Under “Low Stock Alert” you set an alert that will notify you when your stock level reaches the amount that you write inside the box.

Under “Billing Information” you will find all the fields that you have to complete to invoiced your orders.

At the end of the page, you will find the consent that you give to us and you can modify them when needed.