Visit your Yakkyofy User Dashboard, click on the “e-Wallet” tab and then choose the “e-Wallet”.

This service helps you to automate your order fulfillment process. No click required.

It’s simple. When you upload credit onto your e-Wallet, Yakkyofy will automatically process your orders as soon as they arrive at your store and will deduct money from your e-Wallet in real time.

On top of the page you can see:

Total Balance: this number indicates the total of cash plus credit (if you have it).

Cash Balance: this number indicates how much you have on your eWallet

Recommended next recharge: this number indicates how much we advice you to recharge

Due payments: this number indicates how much you have to pay to fulfill all the pending orders on your dashboard.

Then in the e-Wallet history Tab you can check out all the movements related to your credit on Yakkyofy: new deposits, payments etc..