The Order Tab is divided in 3: 

  1. The Dropshipping Tab

  2. The Pending Orders Tab

  3. The Wholesale Tab

In the Dropshipping Tab, you will find the list of all your dropshipping orders: you can see if an order is paid or unpaid.

You can see if an order is fulfilled or unfulfilled.

If you click on the plus button, you will see the details of every single order and if it is fulfilled, you will find also the related tracking number.

If you click on the “Pending Orders” Tab, you will see all the unpaid dropshipping orders.

Here you can click on the button “Check all out” to pay them all together with only one click. Or, you can select only the single orders that you want to pay and click on the “Orders Selected” Button.

After clicking on the Check out button, you will see this page and you can pay for your orders with PayPal.

As soon as your payment is sent out we will start processing your orders, the status will pass from the unfulfilled status to the fulfilled status on your “Dropshipping Tab” and the tracking number will be updated inside the order tab.

Then if you click on the Wholesale tab, you will see all the quotations for wholesale products. Do ask for a new quotation go to the Request Tab. To order and pay one or more wholesale quotations, click on the “Create a new order” Button.

Once clicked on this button you will see this page.

Search the product that you want to order in the search field. 

Then choose where to ship your product if in our Warehouse in Shenzhen or to a customer address outside China and you will see your quotation.

This quotation will comprehend the price of the products, the price of the shipping and also the Taxes.

At this point, you have only to click on the “Confirm Order” button and pay with PayPal