In the Request tab, is divided in two:  the drop shipping tab and the wholesale tab. In the dropshipping tab, you can find the quotations that you asked using our Chrome Extension. To learn more about how to use our Chrome Extension click here.

Using our Chrome Extension you can send us all the info that we need to make a quotation of a product that you have already seen on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Wish, GearBest and Banggoon, with only one click.

Note: you can ask only 30 quotations/month

After importing the items with the Chrome Extension, you will find the items in the Request Tab inside your Yakkyofy Dashboard.

When you see the icon with the yellow clock, it means that the quotations is not ready yet and it is pending.

If the clock is green, means that the quotation is ready.

If it is red means that for some reason we can’t quote that item.

Then if you click on the “LINK symbol” you can see the original link for the quotation.

If you click on “Actions”, you can delete the request or visualize it.

Clicking on “See on Catalog”,  you will enter in the Product Page and see all the detail of the item, its variants, price and shipping price.

In the wholesale tab, you can find all your bulk quotation. To require a wholesale quotation you have two different methods: 

  • you can go on our catalog, choose a product a click on the bulk quotation button. 
  • you can click on click on the Request tab, then on the Wholesale tab and click on the button Request wholesale quote.

There you can ask a quotation for a product that you have already seen on Aliexpress or Alibaba, by just insert the URL of the product page.

Keep in mind that under the Wholesale Request Tab you can ask quotations for:

  • Stock of dropshipping products to send to our warehouse

  • Buy a stock of dropshipping products to reach the MOQ discount

  • Request a quotation for private labeling your dropshipping products

  • Request a quotation for wholesale products to sell to your a specific address outside China.

Note: you can send us only 3 bulk requests/month