Special Line is the best and faster service for dropshipping products from China. With Special Line we can deliver products in around 5-10 working days in all the Tier 1 countries.


The Tier 1 country list:

  1. Austria    AT
  2. Luxembourg   LU
  3. Netherlands NL
  4. Sweden    SE
  5. United States US
  6. Greece    GR    
  7. Romania    RO    
  8. Croatia    HR   
  9. Estonia    EE    
  10. Hungary    HU   
  11. Lithuania    LT    
  12. Slovenia    SI   
  13. Germany    DE  
  14. Belgium    BE    
  15. France    FR    
  16. Italy    IT  
  17. Spain    ES   
  18. United Kingdom    GB   
  19. Denmark    DK    
  20. Czech Republic    CZ   
  21. Poland    PL    
  22. Portugal    PT    
  23. Ireland    IE    
  24. Bulgaria    BG    
  25. Cyprus    CY    
  26. Finland    FI    
  27. Latvia    LV    
  28. Malta    MT    
  29. Slovakia    SK
  30. Canada    CA   
  31. Australia AU


To have more info about the costs and the delivery time for each country, click on the Product Tab

Visit the Product Page and under Shipping Price, you can review the price per country, for example, if you choose Austria, you will find all the shipping methods and the prices for that specific country.